ОАО Коминмет



LLC “DMZ Kominmet”

LLC “DMZ Kominmet” was established on the base of the plant, which was built in 1899 as a joint-stock company of the Belgian Company Shoduar brothers for the production of roofing, the wave rolled lopatnoy china and steel. Today the factory is equipped with modern automated and mechanized production equipment for the production of pipes, coating line galvanized coatings and equipment for the production of consumer goods, works Roll Forming Mill.


Pipe electric welding production

Pipe electric welding production is composed of two truboprofileelektrosvarochnyh unit and accessories. The main activity is the production and shipment of round pipes Ø17-244mm sizes, square 15×15 – 200×200 mm rectangular tubes 20×10 – 200h160 mm and 120×60 mm oval tubes.


Shop galvanized coating

The shop of color coverings incorporates the semi-continuous unit of a svintsevaniye of metal, the unit of longitudinal and cross cutting of metal, the automatic transfer line of hot galvanizing of tubes, auxiliary equipment.
On the semi-continuous unit of a svintsevaniye of metal the hot mode makes the thin-sheet leaded hire in rolls from 0,5 thick to 1,5mm and from 100 to 1080 mm wide inclusive.

Цех товаров народного потребления

Consumer goods shop

TSTNP Releases: Buckets – 7l, 10l, 12l, 15l, Taz round – 13 l. Tank – 32 l. Shovels steel intended for building, garden – garden and loading – unloading operations in a wide range.

Металлические опоры для светильников внешнего освещения

Metal poles for the external lighting fixtures

Supports and brackets are made of electro-welded longitudinal pipes GOST 10704-91 produced in truboprofileelektrosvarochnyh units in the LLC “DMZ KOMINMET”.