ОАО Коминмет



LLC “DMZ Kominmet”

LLC DMZ KOMINMET was founded on the basis of a plant built back in 1899 as an enterprise of the Belgium joint-stock company by brothers de Chaudoir to manufacture roofing and wave roll stock as well as steel for dish and shovels. Today the plant is equipped with up-to-date automated and mechanized manufacturing equipment to produce pipes, the line for galvanized coating coverage, machinery to produce consumer goods, and besides cold-roll forming machine is applied.


Electric-weld pipe production

Electric-weld pipe production consists of four electric-weld shaping pipe power units and accompanying equipment. The principle activity includes production and shipment of Ø17-244 mm round pipes, 15х15 — 200х200 mm square pipes, 20х10 — 200х160 mm rectangular pipes and 120х60 mm oval pipes.


Colored finish workshop

Colored finish workshop consists of a metal leading semi-continuous machine, metal longitudal and cross cutting machine, pipe hot galvanizing automatic line and accompanying equipment. Metal leading semi-continuous machine applying hot procedure produces steel sheet lead-covered roll stock in rolls of 0.5-1.5 mm thickness and 100-1,080 mm width inclusively.

Цех товаров народного потребления

Consumer goods workshop

Consumer goods workshop manufactures: Galvanized bails of 7 l, 10 l, 12 l, and15 l. Round basins of 13 l. Containers of 32 l. Steel shovels for construction, garden and loading/unloading works in wide assortment.

Металлические опоры для светильников внешнего освещения

Metal supports for external lights

Supports and brackets are made of electric-weld longitudal welded pipes with GOST 10704-91 manufactured on electric-weld shaping pipe power units.